The Oncologist

I then met my oncologist in St Anne’s, actually on my first visit there was a non-smoking sign in front of me and many very ill people waiting around.  Remember I am still in my 20’s! One man nudges me and says “don’t know why that is up there sure it’s too late for us now!”  That went down a bomb.

I was put on what I now know to be adjuvant therapy for 3 years – obviously didn’t work!..

Probably for a sane mind I have managed to block out next few years, I do know that I had another punch biopsy done on wound and it came back positive and was back in theatre.  This time I had another baby, a boy so it would have been around 1993.  To be honestly don’t remember much after that.  Definitely no treatment and don’t remember any follow up.

My consultants in time retired and sadly died, St Anne’s duly closed and I was basically left on my own.

So cervical smear due, I say to dr no would really prefer female at this stage so am referred to a new gp who specialises in women and children.  Make the appointment and away I go.  Naturally she takes my history and all of the above comes up.  She isn’t over the moon about the fact that I appear to have slipped through the cracks, would like to do a punch biopsy, yes same place, gets my permission to discuss with a prof and away I go only to get a phone call to say an appointment has been set up with Prof Frank, Dermatologist.


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