My First date with Frank

So now I have my first date with Frank!  Oh it is a long lasting relationship though he does charge a lot to see me!  Naturally he’s not over the moon with me either and following a thorough examination, Frank, I should be charging you, he decides on a biopsy.

So now off to Day therapy, all very new to me then, not at all new now know the place better than the staff.  Biopsy, stitches, off I go, make the call in a week.

Positive, back in again for wide excision and to hear the words – Clear Margins.  This is around 1999. So back to 3 month check-ups, not mad about it as 3 months flies in, I want to get on with my life but this is a constant reminder, however, Frank is kind on the eye which does help.

Hmm in again, squamous cells, (sq) basal cell carcinoma (bcc) have been found at various times and removed.  Note everything on left side of body! Meanwhile although wound, leg, has healed it is presenting as if it has developed psoriasis or eczema.  Further creams, further check-ups, hmm no change, decision is made to head back to day therapy for another biopsy.  It’s 2001.  In I go, pop up on bed, in he goes and does what has to be done and away I go to make the call in a week!  As it happenes my OH has flown out to Africa for a month.  I didn’t even bother to tell him I’d a check up and when he phoned on arrival I couldn’t see the point in telling him I was heading in for yet another biopsy.  My mantra has always been – no point in worrying everyone until we know what, if anything, we have to worry about!   I can deal with it!!!


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2 Responses to My First date with Frank

  1. David Ferrie says:

    Wonderfully written, you had/have a great positive and get on with attitude. You should be asked to speak to people going through this, to help them.

  2. CairoTango says:

    If you could bottle & sell your positivity, you’d be a millionaire.
    Great blogs CB. 😉

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