Oh No! Not Again!

2008, I notice an absolutely tiny spot on the inside of my left knee.  It’s about the size of the top of a dressmakers pin, a spot that if it was on your chin you’d be wondering if it was going to break out before your night out.  Show to Frank, he definitely thinks it’s nothing but with my history back to day-therapy.  This is now such a common occurrence that I don’t give it a second thought and don’t even bother to phone for results, get my OH to do instead while I’m on the golf course.  I get a message to phone Frank, oh shit.  Yes it’s the start of another bloody malignant melanoma and I need to go back in for larger excision to hear the magical words, clear margins.

Since 2002 I’ve totally thrown myself into golf, reckoned I needed another focus and against all the odds discover that I’m actually good.  By 2008 I’m doing very well and featuring in prizes.  The timing of this couldn’t be worse, no golf for 2 weeks and I’ll miss quarter-final inter-clubs and also Lady Captains day.  It was the first and only time I cried in day therapy, think it was pure shock, this was something I’d lived with since 1989 but now it was interfering with my life.

I got over it, went back for check-up, magic words, clear margins, happy days.  Meanwhile I wasn’t over the moon about the previous bcc surgery on my eye brow; Frank had a look and said it was just scarring tissue nothing to worry about.

2009 – check-ups go ok, new leg scar is quite tight and I feel that there is slight reddening at top where there is also a crease, Frank isn’t concerned but says he’ll keep an eye on it. Little do I know what’s ahead…….


About carnsoreboxer

Mad housewife and mother who enjoys golfing, reading and travelling
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