Looks Like I’m in Trouble

2009 – check-ups go ok, new leg scar is quite tight and I feel that there is slight reddening at top where there is also a crease, Frank isn’t concerned but says he’ll keep an eye on it. 

2010 – change golf clubs, from a golfing point of view best decision I’ve made but back to making new friends again, also disappointed that those I thought were friends in my old club obviously aren’t – I’m to find out soon enough who my friends are.

The year doesn’t start well, have gynae problems, had asked my dr to send me to consultant about 5 years ago to have a hysterectomy as I’ve had nothing but problems since I was 15 and in my opinion it will come out one day so why not now when I’m fit and healthy – she thought I was mad.  However, over Christmas 2009 really had problems and see her early Jan.  She sends me for a scan who tells me my ovaries have been removed – hang on that one I’d remember having suffered with polycystic ovaries all my life.  When I phone for results told nothing is wrong.  I’m put on a hormone tablet to regulate things, in hindsight not the best thing she did, and whereas things go ok for a while by the end of the year I’m back to square one and deciding to insist on a referral.  Hold on, I’ve jumped the gun but will all make sense in a minute.

I go do dr for repeat prescription in July, I’m wearing something short and out of the blue point out what is a bit of reddening on my latest scar on my leg and asks what she thinks.  She shrugs her shoulder asks what Frank thinks and when I’m due to see him.  In my humble opinion she should have, considering my history, said it’s probably nothing but bring your appointment forward!  Due to have another date with Frank in Nov but there’s a diary mix up, suddenly this tiny reddening is growing, growing out, hmm looks like maybe an infection, maybe  from an insect bite, don’t know but gee this thing is growing fast.  Am due to see Frank before Christmas but we’re both snowed in.  When secretary phones to make new appointment I tell her I’m in trouble so appointment made for 4th Jan and booked into day therapy for 6th Jan.

Christmas comes and goes, thing is now about the size of my thumb externally and is ulcerated.  Not good still clutching at straws that it’s an infection of some kind but deep down suspect….


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Mad housewife and mother who enjoys golfing, reading and travelling
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