Not the Best News!

4th Jan – my boys 18th birthday!  Off I go, normal procedure on our dates, “hi
how are you, any concerns to report”?  I say “I’m not happy with my eye brow, it can sometimes look very angry, can get extremely dry and sometimes bleed and if still scar tissue can he recommend some cream to soften up.  Oh and there’s something on my leg you’re not going to like!!!” – Think that’s called an understatement!

Examination follows, told to dress up and silence. “ Frank, I don’t like silence, I don’t do silence, talk to me”.  He says “come out when I’m ready.”

“Face – will need to be referred to plastics as possible recurrence of bcc.  However lets deal
with leg first.  I need you in day therapy”; I know I’ve already booked myself in, ha ha ahead of you there!! I ask about golf, considering normal answer is 2 weeks off, this time he says right off “indefinitely”, oh not liking this at all.  I ask what he thinks my leg is, “it’s a growth of some type, you’ve take first step we’ll see what histology says”.  Really not liking this.

6th Jan – Day therapy Ok not pigmented which is good. “Have to be realistic considering your history”! Phone in a week for results, do a waiting game until Thursday.

12th Jan – Following Wed Frank phones me at 9.30.  Oh oh this isn’t good at all I think,  guess what?  yes malignant melanoma.  Booked to see Denis again following morning
and this time 3 CT scans pelvis, abdomen and thorax.  More bad news, it’s a bloody nodular melanoma; I know enough at this stage to know that really isn’t good, actually this is probably as bad as it can get!

13th Jan – off on another date with Denis.  Ok we’re now going from bad to worse its
3.1mm and will need wide excision, skin graft the works.  What about my golf, maybe in a month.  Ok can live with that now just get this surgery over and let me get on with my life!

24th Jan – Admitted, have my 3 CT scans, also lots and lots of bloods followed by ECG and chest x-ray.  Surgery on 25th.

25th Jan – Denis pays me a surprise visit, doesn’t bring me flowers though!! Ok this bit more serious than 2001 being referred to oncologist.  Surgery seems to go well, I’m not to bend my knee is all I seem to hear, also everyone is told don’t bend her knee.


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