Another New Man in my Life, No 2 New Men!!!

26th Jan – new man in my life, his name is John and he is going to be my oncologist.  He
introduces himself and outlines treatment plan, a year? Did he say a year? Hang on this isn’t my plan.  Tears come

27th Jan – Sinead oncology nurse comes in to introduce herself and to check what I absorbed from meeting John previous day.  Apparently focus now is on my leg to heal then OH and I meet with oncology team on 23rd Feb where everything will be explained in more detail. Outline of plan is Ultra sound of groin followed possibly by sentinel node biopsy, Interferon starting at 3 times per week increasing to daily for the course of a year the plan being to get me to 900 miu’s.  They are looking into Ipilimumab and going to discuss my case with the genetic team.  Forgot to say how special I am, not only does bloody thing keep coming back, I’ve never had typical presentation and in 1989 when I was in hospital
having my biopsy my Dad was also having a biopsy with the same result in different hospital.  My aunts, his sisters, have had bits lopped off too!  Also lots of pet scans as although other scans came back clear these type of cancer cells are so small that if floating don’t show up in CT scans.  Ok now I’m wobbly…

28th Jan – another new man, this time Bill he’s a gynaecological oncologist.  Yippee!  fibroids have shown up he’s not actually that worried about them but I also have a build-up of fluid that he’s not over the moon about.  I’m to be taken back to theatre, ideally for a hysterectomy but can’t be done with leg as it is, and would delay treatment that apparently is to start ASAP so for 4 different things to be done which should sort me out.  Interesting and funny time in theatre that afternoon while I tell everyone don’t bend my knee; don’t even want to think what they did!!!

One of the other funny things is that I got my eyebrow done as well, remember the recurring bcc. Well Denis decided to cut along my brow and said I would lose a few
hairs.  Came back from theatre as if I’d been in a car accident.  The bcc had pyramided
below the surface of the skin so he had to do a flap.  Just wasn’t my day was it??


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2 Responses to Another New Man in my Life, No 2 New Men!!!

  1. David Ferrie says:

    This is an amazingly honest and frank blog, you are an incredibly strong person which will stand to you. I wish you the very best.

  2. Rene says:

    O my word , You are the strongest and bravest person I have ever come across.

    I have been lucky so far , touch wood only once with Melanoma and I went through only a small small piece of what you have.

    I can completely relate to don’t bend the knee and fears of lumps growing,bleeding and the infections and wounds that don’t heal and the big inteferon treatment thing.

    I admire you !! U are a one strong fighter

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