Calm before the Storm & thanks for 70’s Revival!

Saturday 19th – ok managed my own dressing, didn’t like that at all, where are all these men that entered my life!  Looks like I have a huge bruise behind my knee, not good? Don’t know but will find out soon enough.

Monday 21st – Dressings change again but my pal Denis isn’t there.  I know I’ve been
weeping away badly, knee not eyes ha ha, however, good news, donor sites are almost back to where they were 2 weeks ago and graft site doesn’t look so bad, no hang on it’s all relative, it looks bloody awful but less awful that it looked on Saturday.  It is still weeping
at the bend of my knee but again it’s all about location, location, location!!!  Infamous silver nitrate stick is used again and I’m to return Wed.

Tuesday 22nd – an up and down day as tomorrow I meet the latest man in my life John where it will be explained to us in more detail what’s to be thrown at me over the next 12 months.  On the upside I got to the hairdressers today and actually felt normal.  Hair has been cut, quite short so that if I experience hair loss it will not be as
noticeable.  I even managed to put on a pair of baggy cords; Thank God fashion is currently experiencing a 70’s touch!


About carnsoreboxer

Mad housewife and mother who enjoys golfing, reading and travelling
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