I’m in Trouble!

Tuesday 8th – Funny old weekend just gone, went for a walk on Saturday and knew half way through there was something very wrong with the old leg. Struggled to get home, had a look, flip something really not right here, leg, which in fairness was always on the large side, I put it down to too much competitive swimming as a child, oh there’s an idea for another blog! Anyway back to the leg, you get it always on the “strong” side is now what shall I say – “even stronger”. Bloody thing is huge, angry red and hard as a rock. Flip flip flip. Been here before too! Ok sit down and compose myself, know I’m not supposed to get it wet but I know things aren’t right so into the shower. My leg is in shock, it’s been weeks since it was showered; decide while I’m at it to do a job on the legs too, luxury but back to reality again. Dressing changed. Don’t have a temperature but have marked spot of swelling to monitor and see if it spreads more. Big question is if anything does happen who I go to – put that thought away, remember positive thoughts only. Really struggling with the pain now, am due to play in 3 person team event tomorrow, cancel or not, be positive, not. So Sunday I play, leg well dressed and strapped up. Head down, relax and hit the ball. I’ve discovered that on the golf course is the ONLY place where my mind empties and introduce competition and I’m happy. Thankfully the ladies I’m playing with just chat about general things although on the 4th green one of them laughs at my efforts of aligning the ball, still can’t bend properly and too bloody sore today to even try, she asks if I’m in pain as says she can see me grimace every time I try to bend! Told you I wear my heart on my sleeve, my face, despite my best efforts, is an open book. I tell her I’m fine and we continue. Am I sore? Understatement of the year, going uphill isn’t a problem but downhills catch me. We dove tail well and I’m absolutely delighted with my game, would be well up there in a singles competition. We come in with a very respectable score now just to wait and see if we feature, doubt it all the ladies will be out on Tuesday. So I suffer through the remainder of the day and yesterday, keeping my dressings changed. Walking is now a problem though, very sore after a while and I’ve discovered that rest and elevation is the best. I decide I can manage until today when I know Denis will be able to review it. So off again this morning, flip flip flip, I am being very polite, I’ve an infection in 2 different places. They attack my leg again taking off dead skin, cleaning it out, made a hole in one place so now I’ve 2, go me, and back to the antibiotic ointment. Back again in 48 hours. This is really never ending. Spend a bit of time around there today. Since I’ve changed GP’s I’m trying to ensure all my notes especially letters relating to all of this are going to the new one. Despite requesting my file from my old GP I had to physically go there on Friday, she emailed it over to me but lots of stuff missing. So past 2 days spent onto Consultants secretaries asking if they would please forward any communication, reports, histology received since the beginning of January over to my new one. Fingers crossed it all gets done but I really don’t need this to deal with at the moment. I just cannot understand why my old GP isn’t co-operating.


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