Cheek of them to Interrupt my Golf!

3rd May – I’ve been a bit grumpy.  I really do like to be in control and have been watching the postman and jumping every time the phone rings to hear of when I’m to have PET and node biopsy.  Not being in control of my own life is really hurting me.  I have been asked to play on a number of teams and still have to say no that I cannot commit.  I will not put myself in a position to let a team down, just wouldn’t be fair.  The best thing I can do is stay busy and just bubble up underneath while I wait.

So today I’m in the Glen of the Downs playing golf.  It’s my first time there and although it’s a 3 person team event and our 3rd can’t play I’m delighted that my partner will play.  The day starts early as have to go into my son’s school for a 6th year Mass at 8.30.  I then get home and unusual for me pick my way through sugary sweets while cooking the dinner.  No breakfast but do have two cups of coffee with my normal sugar intake.  So head
off, pick up my partner and arrive in the golf course.  We head out straight away and I’m enjoying my day out.  It’s a lovely course and I do enjoy being by the sea, although it is cold and windy.

We play away enjoying ourselves.  Doreen gives me a muesli bar which I enjoy and a few holes later I give her a banana. As we are walking to our drives on the 12th hole I spot the
pro heading towards us in a buggy.  He is looking for me!  He has a message for me!  I’m to eat no carbs today.  He had driven through the course looking for me so lots of questions asked when I came in.  I immediately phone Bob and my PET scan is tomorrow at 12.  There are a load of do’s and don’ts which he emails to me.

Today no carbs, sugary foods, breads, crackers, cereals, porridge, pasta, potatoes, rice, noodles, fruit, juice, fizzy drinks and all confectionary foods e.g. chocolate, biscuits, etc.  No sugar in tea/coffee.  No alcohol.  I am allowed meat, fish, chicken, cheese, eggs, and salads with no dressing, vegetables but not potatoes.  Tea and coffee but no sugar.  I’m
to take no exercise today – well they left it a bit late to tell me.

I’m to fast from midnight but am encouraged to drink water.  I will be hooked up to an IV radioactive drip for 90 minutes and the whole procedure could take up to 4 hours!

Do you know something I played like a pro after hearing all of this.  Decided to put it to the back of my mind and concentrate on my golf – pity I didn’t get the message on the first hole!!!  I’m not really worried about the sugary coffee I had or the bar and the sweets after all they didn’t contact me until after 2.

As usual when you’re told you can’t eat stuff you immediately crave it.  However, the
restaurant was very understanding when I went in and prepared a homemade burger with melted cheese and large salad with no dressing.  No baps or chips! I envied my partner with her glass of wine.

So tomorrow is D-Day.

Everyone is wishing me luck, how do I feel?  Glad it’s finally here at last.  Had to have a conversation with my daughter telling her that if she was pregnant and hadn’t told us or suspected she was she’s not to come home tomorrow as I’ll be glowing for the remainder of the day and am advised to stay away from public places in case I meet anyone pregnant.

Will give a further update tomorrow.


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