PET\CT Scan and the Results

13th May – Well it’s been some 10 days.  Woke up morning of the PET\CT way too early and by the time I left the house the headache had started.  We arrived, checked in, did the usual form filling etc and then I was called.  I was taken to a tiny room with what looked like a dentist’s chair.  More questions, weight, height taken, also took my blood sugar reading to make sure I hadn’t cheated on the strict diet and fasting, then time to put the cannula in. Problems immediately, blast my veins, she just couldn’t get a vein so doctor called over from radiology to try. Lovely guy turns up with his own butterfly cannulas, pokes around, finally he’s in then his cannula is hooked up to their cannula and I’m ready to go radioactive.  Yes fully radioactive, it’s a special radioactive sugar that is put into your body which is best to show up any tumours.  In order for it to disperse evenly throughout the body I was put semi lying down, room darkened and told not to read, talk to anyone and to turn off phone and I was being monitored by cctv the entire time.  Me sit still for 90 minutes, that was a problem. Next the actual technician arrives and I’m given the dreaded pernod drink again.  Why oh why did I have such a bad night on the stuff years ago even the smell of it makes me heave.  At this stage I’m advised that I will no longer see a female – it’s all because I’m glowing!!!

Time comes to be called.
I’m loaded into the machine and it starts.  In total I’m scanned for around 50 minutes,
longer than usual because of my previous history.  It was fine, I don’t suffer from
claustrophobia thankfully but they could change their music.  When it is finished I am told that the results will be with my doctor in about 48 hours as the machine has taken in excess of 3000 photos that takes 45 minutes to upload on computer.  I have the cannula removed, am given Ribena and an alpen bar and exit through a back door – very odd I thought as I am immediately at the back of the scanning area but in the main part of the
hospital.  Instructions are to drink plenty but not go into public places or mix with young children or pregnant women for the next 6 hours.  My head is splitting at this stage.  I head home, coffee and then treat myself to a pizza, well couldn’t go to the shops to buy food could I?

I was never worried about the results as I feel well and if anything had shown up all they were ever going to do was cut it out anyway.  Still though the last 10 days have been strange, think everyone around me is worried.  I have played lots of golf since and indeed
featured in prizes.  The Boy had his leaving cert Art exam so tried to keep everything in the house steady for him too as I can see the nerves are really kicking in now.  Biggest problem has been the club repeatedly asking me to play on teams, standard answer is still I am unable to commit as am now waiting for date for Sentinel Node Biopsy SNB.  It really is a pain in the butt.  Last Tuesday one of the ladies had to withdraw with an injury so I was asked again but to play yesterday.  I figured I would be available as surely I’d have more notice than that.  I return home and phone the sec again.  Talk about being vague with the answers – she is unbelievable.  Finally I suggested to her that the surgeon had his list done for this week and as I hadn’t heard no doubt I wasn’t on it but would she please let me know as soon as she has received any information.  Very frustrating!  So phoned the team manager and made myself available for yesterday only to get a call from another manager to play in another match next week!!

Match went well yesterday, we won 5 & 4 though I did feel out of match practice starting out and it did show.  My partner and I dovetailed well and the team won overall.  It was very weird playing, I love my golf and it does keep me somewhat sane, I also love matches, however, I never for a million years thought last January that I would be able to physically play as much golf as I am playing and never in a fit thought I’d represent the club at inter club level.  What an extraordinary year this is turning out to be.

Woke up this morning sick of the whole bloody thing and decided to phone Sinead, the oncology nurse to see if she could find out anything for me.   All I want is a date for the SNB so I know where I stand.  So carried on as normal this morning waiting for a return call when the postman arrives.  Finally results – No Evidence of Disease – exactly what expected but no date for SNB either.  I’ve to phone the secretary again to arrange a date with her.  Oh God this goes on and on.  So made the call, left a message, office closed until Tuesday afternoon so am guessing it will not be next week but the following week.  It means I will be able to play my matches but I will have to be careful as 27th is The Boys Graduation from school.  The waiting goes on and on.

It really is a funny year!


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One Response to PET\CT Scan and the Results

  1. Rene says:

    Thank you for sharing that experience , I had no idea what the pet scan was all about until I read this, I have a communication problem here in Swiss so did not know about the food thing either ?? Also did not know it takes that long and that I would be radio active. Clearly a virgin in pet scans..
    Sharing your pain with medical staff but actually mostly surgeons …

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