Il Divo il Disastro

Who are we?

We are a group of 8 Mothers whose sons have been pals throughout secondary school and who meet for a meal twice a year.  Between us we have connections with 5 schools in Dublin.

What were we celebrating?

Not only were we celebrating getting our sons through the dreaded Leaving Cert but also each and every one of this group has had some trauma in their respective houses over the past couple of years so we were all celebrating that we were survivors.

The Facts

25th Aug 2011 Telephone reservation for a party of 7 made to Il Divo Restaurant Rathgar, for Thursday 1st September at 7.30

31st Aug Following a telephone conversation our party size is increased to 8

1st September 7.30 Our group starts to arrive and no one in the restaurant seems to know where we are to sit, we are finally showed to a table which is not ready for us.  Our 8th lady has been in contact to say she cannot make the meal but will join us for a drink.

One of the ladies is not well and has requested a glass of water, 2 further requests before it arrives.

Waiting is to be our theme for the evening.

When the waiter arrives with a tray of glasses of water he proceeds to spill  glasses over the backs of 2 of the ladies, their chairs, table and the floor.  Accidents do happen, a joke is made that at least the water is cold and we wait for towels to appear.  The ladies are soaked.  Finally he returns with a roll of blue tissue paper but at this stage the ladies are so wet they have no choice but to return home to change.   Before they leave, having finally received menus, they give us their order and tell us to go ahead without them.

While looking at the menus we decide to order some wine.  No wine list.  We try to get a waiters attention and finally get it.  Our next problem is trying to place our order.  We are just being totally ignored at the table.  Finally we order a bottle of prosecco and a bottle of red and white wine.  The prosecco arrives, however, not the wine; I speak to the manager who says he was going to bring it with the main course.  Fair enough, however, we have
yet to even place our order for the main course and the table, floor and chairs are still wet.  I ask for this to be rectified.

8.30 The ladies return and are shocked that we have yet to order!

9.15 the lady who has said she will join us for a drink arrives and is equally shocked to see we have yet to receive our meal though we are given a couple of plates of slices of garlic bread!

Finally we are served a good 2 hours after our 7.30 reservation.  On a positive the food is very good and we finished the meal off with more bottles of red and white wine, that is when we finally attract a waiters attention and coffees.

Then the bill arrives, €275.25 which includes service charge of €25 and not even an apology.  One of the ladies decides this is ridiculous and goes to the manager explaining how unhappy we are at the way we have been treated all evening.  He decides to deduct off the service charge.  We are not a happy group.  He then offers us a Sambuca on the house
which we decline with one lady saying it is too little too late, his response was to mutter something very derogatory, under his breath, in Italian.

Was it a good evening?
We, as a group, always enjoy our nights out and have been doing this for many years; however, we have never received such poor service before.  We accept accidents do happen, however at the very least an effort should have been made immediately to dry the ladies, the table, the floor and their chairs.  It should not have been up to us to repeatedly ask for this.  I also feel it is disgraceful that a full 2 hours after our reservation we are only beginning to be served our meal.  Something was very wrong in Il Divo last night, we do not know what it was but did leave absolutely disgusted and vowing never to return


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2 Responses to Il Divo il Disastro

  1. David Ferrie says:

    Sweet jaysus, what a litany of disastrous service, won’t be going there!

  2. get yourself on trip advisor and post the above there. also send it to Conor Pope!

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