Il Divo Update and Apology

Following on from my email to Il Divo about the total disaster we had from start to finish last week, I received a missed call on Monday followed by another call yesterday from the owner Alex.

He had been called back to Italy urgently last week and was not in the restaurant the night of our visit.  He only returned on Sunday evening and said he was totally shocked when he opened and read my email.  He has the restaurant open for the past 2 1/2 years and assured me he has never had such a serious complaint.

On the evening in question the restaurant was apparently short staffed with only one official waiter and 2 assistants.  In his opinion due to other problems that night the restaurant was not in a position to open.  I suspect there have been other complaints but might be wrong.  I said that accidents do happen, the water incident, however it was the way it was dealt with that appalled us and the continuing lack of service afterwards.  I further said that we suspected that there was something wrong that night, that we were not a bunch of moaners and if someone had taken the time to both explain and apologise we would have been happy.

At the end of the day Alex has apologised profusely and offered to recompense us in some way.  We both agreed that in these recessionary times no restuarant either wants or needs bad publicity from any diner and indeed word of mouth recommendation is so important.  He invited our group back for a meal, offered a case of wine or a voucher.  I told him that none of this was necessary that on behalf of the group I would accept his apology and pass it onto the other ladies.  He asked me to reconsider visiting Il Divo again and should we decide to that I am to contact him directly and he will look after us.

I have passed on his profuse apologies.

I will close by saying, we had an awful evening, but it was just our experience, obviously something was very wrong and whoever was left in charge did not do his job properly.  On the other hand the food was very good and none of us have any complaints in this regard.  Will we return?  I don’t know is the honest answer but I do appreciate Alex taking the time to get in conact with me and extending an apology to our group.


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