Life Goes On

#10 1st August – White Rabbits!

Here we go again, 9.00 3 miu’s plus 2 paracetamol plus 2 Imodium – they are taking no chances with me!  By 11 I’ve 2 litres of water drank, poor bladder in shock!

#11 3rd August 8.00 3 miu’s plus 2 paracetamol plus 2 Imodium and off to the vampires who decided to take 5 vials of blood.  Excellent nurse did it she actually found a decent vein without much prodding.  I told her to go and get a lottery ticket!  I’ve been fasting since midnight as my gp decided to do my cholesterol and sugars too so she’ll have a base level. Forgot to bring my water with me, am very thirsty, and managed to get some in here.  Home to drink, have breakfast and then I decided to see if I remembered how to play golf.  Played 15 holes, was in a total lather of sweat by the end of the first.  Joined up
with 2 beginners and we played at a very slow pace which really suited me.  Drank another litre on the course however bladder really not happy, let’s just say the bushes were well watered!  I believe this is going to continue for about a week till it gets used to all the liquid.

So it’s been a rough week and a bit.  This drug really did floor me.  I really want to give it my best shot but never expected to feel this crap on it. I am going to have to force myself to take things easier and to pace myself.  I enjoyed the golf today but am now lying on the bed while I type this. On a positive note whereas I have found people on the internet who have
been on this drug at some stage or other I have finally found someone in Switzerland who is on it now.  I think she is about a month ahead of me and is also on a different dose – 3 miu’s 3 times per week for 18 months.  God we’re back to the doctors differ again, I find it very hard to understand why there isn’t a set protocol for this.  Last week I felt I’d have been happier if I was offered the high dosage iv for a month then a maintenance dose for 12 months, don’t offer that here, as at least then I’d be over the worst of it.  Anyway back to
my new Swiss BF I’m hoping I can learn some tricks of the trade from her and that between us we will be able to keep each other going.  Already she says that she finds it easier to take at night so might give that another shot, excuse the pun, to see if with the Imodium it makes a difference.

As anyone who has followed this knows I’ve had many surgeries of the years and I’ve always just got on with my life.  This time is different.  I look back at the months when I was post op, but still playing and organising golf, with envy even though I’d a leg hanging
off me.  Now I’ve no surgical wounds to recover from, leg still dodgy though, yet my life is more on hold now than ever.  I know that interferon is the only option I have apart from the wait and see approach, but God it is hard.  I’m constantly tired; it’s like being hit with a sledgehammer.  We are talking about holidays but I’m really not comfortable going away feeling so crap and nervous in case something was to happen again. We are looking forward to the end of treatment and have decided we are going to have a really good holiday.

Meanwhile life goes on.

The Boy returned in one piece from Ayia Napa though with no tan – knew there wouldn’t
be one.  Like the last time I was flattened, something else in the house broke, this time the dishwasher, so again on the internet buying one unseen, hope its ok. LC results out this day 2 weeks, see life carries on as normal.  It is very important to me that I carry on as normal too and keep the family uplifted and everything in the house running smoothly.

I just don’t do sick!


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2 Responses to Life Goes On

  1. Colette says:

    I’m please you’ve found someone else on the same drug as you, so you can compare, and swap information with. It makes such a difference.

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