5 Day Detox with @juice_2_go

imageFirstly I’ve no association with Juice2Go, and paid for my juices like anyone else but as so many people have asked me how I’m managing I thought I’d write about my 5 day detox. I’ve never done anything like this before and consider myself fit and healthy, despite waging an ongoing battle against skin cancer. I’m a healthy weight, carrying a few extra lbs since Christmas, a wedding and my sons 21st all in the space of 10 days.  I keep active, don’t work outside the home, play a lot of golf, sit on 4 committees and walk my dog for up to 2 hours daily. At the moment I’m also doing 2 challenges

#absfit  and #squatsfit

imageSo why?  Well since I finished the chemotherapy drug, interferon, I have never really got my joie de vivre back. It’s an extremely toxic drug and I was told it will take at least a year for the toxicity to leave my system and also that I may have some of the side effects forever.  Around Christmas I came across @juice_2_go on twitter, looked into it and, some would say, in a moment of madness I ordered 5 days detox juices online. Now they do a 3 day one, but, typical of me, it’s all or nothing.

imageLast Sunday my juices arrived, actually they almost didn’t as my husband told the delivery man that no one had ordered them and I’d to send him running after the car! I sorted through them, you get a list as to which ones are for which days, and put the first 2 days in the fridge, remaining in freezer. Word of caution, some of the bottles were filled to the brim and expanded during freezing.

Daily you drink 5 x 500 mls.  Breakfast is a litre bottle which is split between breakfast and mid morning, then there are 500 mls bottles for lunch, dinner and evening.  I drank a lot of water too and some herbal teas.

DAY 1 – it was with much trepidation I poured my first green drink, to my surprise it was delicious.  I had some business to do in the club so, as the morning was nice, took my clubs with me and played 9 holes.  Retuned home to my mid morning drink, and so the day progressed.  I took dog for a walk, did my challenges and was surprised at how I didn’t feel hungry, I do like my food in case anyone thinks I’m not a good eater! I was peeing a lot and I mean a lot and was very cold.  I’m not a fan of cold drinks at the best of times so decided to bring my juices to room temperature before I had them, this helped.

DAY 2 – woke up feeling fine, I was playing in a golf competition so was wondering would I last a round without my usual snack of a banana half way through. I was fine but decided not to go into the clubhouse, thought the smell of cooking might tip me over so home, more juice, took dog for a long walk and back to club for a committee meeting. Day 2 I breezed through but everyone has said Day 3 is the hardest.

DAY 3 – woke up feeling wobbly, as if my sugar levels were through the floor.  Got a bit concerned as have been advised to eat regularly due to another condition and was aware that I might have to stop at any stage.  However, once I had my breakfast juice I felt 100% again! Got stuff done around the house and headed out with dog for another walk.  I had an interesting challenge ahead though as 3 of my friends had arranged to meet for lunch! I had my mid morning juice a bit later, took my lunch juice with me in the car and headed out.  I had pre warned them so while they ate I’d 2 pots of herbal tea.  Honest to God the sight of them eating bothered them more than me, I wasn’t the slightest bit hungry.  Meanwhile they thought I was totally nuts and had, yet again, completely lost the plot. They also thought €99 + €10 delivery for the juices was expensive. I don’t really think it is, my juicer was kaput anyway also I felt by there being a financial outlay was motivation in itself to sticking to it.  On the way home I bought Seville Oranges with the intention of making marmalade later in the week but I was absolutely buzzing with energy that evening so successfully made some.  Shame I couldn’t taste it!

Day 4 – more golf but this time I went into the clubhouse following my round and had more herbal tea.  Now instead of friends thinking I’m mad they’re asking me how I’m finding it and are genuinely interested. I feel terrific, skin is glowing and I’m sleeping like a log, better than I have in 2 years. Again home, dog walked, my challenges done and, of course, housework.

DAY 5 – I’m a bit all over the place today and my routine has been interrupted.  I’m feeling tired, still managed to get everything done including a 2 hour walk but think I’ve let myself become dehydrated.  Despite the tiredness I feel and look terrific.  I didn’t start this with the sole intention of losing weight, the few extra Christmas lbs can happily go. I weighed myself before I started, haven’t stepped on the scales since but will do tomorrow.  Results will be interesting. I feel more toned but my intensity of exercise has increased over these 5 days and no doubt #absfit and #squatsfit are helping. I’m beginning to think what I’d like to eat tomorrow and I haven’t a clue.  I’ve no cravings, not even for chocolate, which is really strange for me.  I found the evening very difficult but convinced it was all psychological. Found myself thinking looking at food pics on twitter and that small little voice was saying, go on, have something it won’t matter now, but I didn’t!

Detox finished – so I woke this morning after another wonderful sleep with the knowledge that I did it! I’m thrilled with myself and always enjoy a challenge. My husband, remember he initially turned away the driver saying no one in this house has ordered juices from @juice_2_go is now saying it’s a terrific idea to do, especially after Christmas.  I cannot stress how good I feel the bounce is back in my step, I’m rearing to go.  My skin is glowing, hair shining, eyes clear and the result from the scales – I lost 7lbs. Some people reading this will say it’s all water loss, maybe it is, I don’t know, I can only state that the bloated feeling I had is gone and my clothes are loose.  Would I do it again? I would but not necessarily the 5 day detox, I would hope to recognise when my body needed a kick start and do the 3 day detox instead. Would I buy in my juices again? Yes I would unless I decided to start juicing on a regular basis myself, for me, part of the motivation in sticking to it was the financial outlay.  Would I recommend it? Unhesitatingly, my friends who were initially laughing at me are now genuinely interested because the benefits are obvious.  I will yet again reiterate that I have absolutely no connections with http://www.juice2go I purchased my juices online and never even met the driver.  The company have not asked me to write this blog nor are they aware that I am doing so.

Now I’m off to taste the marmalade that I made!

Thank you for reading


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4 Responses to 5 Day Detox with @juice_2_go

  1. Ollie says:

    Ok you nearly have me wanting to give it a go! 🙂
    Well done! x

  2. Hi there, I’m Lindsey! I have a question and would love to speak with you. Please email me when you have a chance, thanks so much! lindseyDOTcaldwellATrecallcenterDOTcom

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