Road Trip no 1 Friday 12th September – Monday 15th

Once again, with thanks to I learned about wild camping and as a subscribed member of the group was able to download sites on our Garmin. Off we chugged, it is a long journey so we had a few short stops on the way. On Friday night we stayed in a terrific spot on Blacksod Bay, sorry you’ll just have to become a subscriber to find out exactly where. There are 3 different wild camping spots, one had a triathlon starting on the Saturday so we decided we didn’t want to get stuck in traffic, another is a fabulous beach and at the 3rd, where we did stay we met an American who was travelling around Ireland photographing ancient sculptures and monuments – hated to tell him but he was looking at modern ones! After fabulous golf at we headed off towards more fabulous golf at another long drive. This time the general manager had given me permission to park in their car park which we were grateful of. There is a wild camping spot locally and also a caravan site but we found the owner of this site very unfriendly when we called to make enquiries.



We really enjoyed our 2 nights away in our MH. Found a few little things that need to be fixed, we have a list. I slept like a log on both nights. We are still learning how to operate fridge, where to put everything and how to get water hot without the heating. It really has been a massive learning curve. So we set for home with the intention of getting back in day light so we could find the best way to park in our drive.

We are motoring along happily – we sort of, problem with the radio, both tired after all our golf and having to concentrate on how to operate our new home on wheels. It’s time for me to take over the driving. Open road, not a motorway, and I’m sitting up, driving away delighted with myself when suddenly, after 10 mins, there is a bumpity bumpy. Driving into Carrick I hit the kerb stones on the right hand side and the wheels immediately went flat due to damaged rims.


We limped into a car park, now what to do? I immediately get on to twitter where I get loads of advice including a phonecall from @doogarry and her husband offering to help. MotorhomeCraic were also giving me advice, I just couldn’t believe my stupidity. Breakdown Assist is the obvious place to call but having just got the MH we hadn’t got our documents through yet and I didn’t have the details with me. Lucky I’m a member of the AA and they said they would rescue us the following morning. Next thing the guards arrive, I’m thinking there will be fun if they decide to move us on but no, it was a friend of Mairead and Gerards (@Doogarry) checking to see where we ok. I have never met either Mairead or Gerard but they went out of their way to help us and I am so very grateful to them both. So an unexpected night in Carrick – could be worse places! Priority was to get the phones charged, indeed if anyone has tips on how to charge phones in a MH please do let me know, so off we went, found a pub, got everything on charge and settled down to watch the golf with a few glasses – as you do.

Following morning the rims were battered back into place and, thankfully, the tyres kept pressure so off we headed for home. With much toing and froing we managed to get parked in our drive just as a neighbour was passing asking where we now in the business of selling ice cream!!! It was a long journey home stopping at every tyre/wheel centre en route to see what needed to be done and could they help us. Advice was new wheel for front right and one new hub cap. The following few days were to be spent sourcing a wheel


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