Tales and Adventures of a Motorhome

First a little about us, we met in school so, yes, childhood sweethearts. We were broke, oh so broke when we were students that we saved up and bought a tiny tent that took us everywhere. We had great fun and laughs and still have the memories of trying to put it up one night and the next thing there’s a crowd around us – apparently we were being blown towards a cliff! The other memory I have is staying in a field in Dingle, when I went to pay only the Granny was in the house. When she discovered we weren’t married, she doubled the rate!

In time we got married and, with a little more cash, started to fly abroad for holidays. In time a dog arrived and eventually we were blessed with 2 children. As they grew beyond the nappy stage off we went and bought a family size chalet tent and once the forecast looked reasonable on a Thursday night, the car was packed and off we went absolutely anywhere for the weekend. This went on for many years until we started taking our children abroad for a variety of adventures but without the tent.

Now we are at that stage in our lives where the children are now adults, dogs have come and gone over the rainbow bridge, we’re reduced to one again and we are back travelling on our own. When we were young we always said we’d love a motorhome and envied those we saw on the road. During a week in Sardinia this summer we started to see so many of them and this wet our appetites to maybe, just maybe, look at a few and see what they are like.

Where to start?

What to look for?

Who do we know that has one?

Are we serious about this?

As with everything else these days all research starts on the internet. I have read almost everything there is to read on owning and maintaining a motorhome and found www.boards.ie very interesting


However the main help and assistance I got was from http://www.motorhomecraic.com/forum/ as I felt the information was of total relevance to me. I was so delighted to find this site that I quickly became a subscribed member which gave me even more access to the information I needed.

As everyone suggested we looked at so many. We fixed a budget, needed to be low profile – these words I had never heard of before – and have a fixed bed. We also met up with people we know who own a MH and they kindly invited us up to see theirs. We looked and looked. We drove around the country and back again, we made calls and even more calls and having started out just having a look to see what was available, then deciding we would do nothing until next March we ended up putting an offer in for the first MH we saw and collected it on Friday 12th September 2014. As we had golf booked for the Saturday in Belmullet the original plan was to collect on Thursday, get familiar with it and head off early on Friday, but unfortunately it wasn’t ready on time so MH was collected, loaded and driven to Belmullet while I was still wondering what was going on.


About carnsoreboxer

Mad housewife and mother who enjoys golfing, reading and travelling
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