Road Trip no 3 and 1/2

So, we’ve a motorhome that we can’t drive without incident, now to see how we’d manage with our dog.  He’s not a small dog and not a terrible quiet dog so meet Rupert IMG_0440our Airedale who is a big part of our family.  So first I had to sort out a car harness and a tether and with much research I bought a Bergan Car Harness from and next thing was a trial run in our car – he got out of it, so another fail.  Last week we decided to try again, refitted harness on Rupert, attached the tether to the seat belt anchor in the motorhome, took off the soft furnishings, put his bed up and away we went.  He was not happy.  We drove to Greystones and took him for a long walk on North Beach.  We then bought the necessary scones and back to the MH, attached Rupert to the door catch and made our coffee while he sat happily watching the world go by through the open door.

Finally, we drove home, yes I drove too on the M50, Rupert was happy on the return journey and we’d no incidents!

Now for an overnight.

The plan was for Bob to play golf on Saturday morning then we’d load up and head somewhere not too far away for the night to see how Rupert would get on.  Best laid plans of mice and men meant that our local trip turned into somewhere much further with Rupert getting a baptism of fire in spending time in the MH.  Towards the end of the week we discovered we’d not one but two funerals to attend in Cork, thankfully both local, Ladysbridge and Castlemartyr at 12 and 14.30 on Saturday.  We decided, despite having accommadation available that we’d stick to our original plan and off we would go.

It was an early start on Saturday morning and Rupert was quite happy sitting up looking out the window.  We had a stop on the way down and eventually arrived in Ladysbridge in time for Mass.  There was no question of looking for a quiet parking spot, we just parked down from the church. As I hurridly changed, the table was adjusted and Rupert’s crate put up.  Bedding thrown into it and off we went.  We heard a whimper for a few minutes then all quiet.  When we returned he was fast asleep, so far so good.  We then drove down to Garryvoe, more coffee and a good run for Rupert who by this stage had decided he actually wanted to be in the MH.  Due to overhead barriers there is no parking for MH’s in Garryvoe, however, if you continue just past the mobile homes there is a parking spot down to the beach. For the second funeral we had been advised that we could park behind the houses in Castlemartyr resort, again, crate appeared, Rupert jumped in and away we went.  We left that church to head to funeral reception No 1. Both these funerals were in the same parishes albeit in different churches and there was a huge crossover of mourners.  After this, it was family time so I walked Rupert down to visit one cousin, MH followed.  I was unsure of directions and was told I’d see the MH, yes I did but not ours!  From here it was off to another cousins house where we were parking up for the night.  Rupert was sent out to garden – huge shock for him but as you can see he’s a little bit big to be in anyone’s house.  He was fine.  More cousins arrived, pizza, wine, beer, not for me and cake.  Bob got Rupert to bed no bother and when I followed at some ungodly hour he barely made a move in the crate and slept all night until Bob woke up.  As we didn’t want to wake anyone we decided to make our own coffee in the MH only to discovered we’d no gas!

I should add that there was a bed made up for us but we were insistent on this being the trial overnight with Rupert, however, my cousin did leave a key out for me in case I decided to bale during the night – I didn’t.

So now we’re on a hunt for gas.  Over a late breakfast we looked at for locations where we could buy a 11kg red propane cylinder with an F valve – at least that’s what I think we were looking for!  Being it Sunday, most places were closed and those that weren’t didn’t stock it.  It was time to leave with fresh eggs and cake – don’t you just love your country cousins, well I do anyway – you can’t beat a true free range egg.  The hunt for gas started and continued to Tramore.  Nope no gas to be got.  We parked up on the sea front and went for a beach walk, a very wild and windy one, bought our own coffee and settled in for a while watching the waves crashing over the promenade and looking at all the MH’s passing, we counted 9.

It’s a record – we got home in one piece, I even drove, motorways only, Rupert had a great time, we got a night’s sleep and have now decided to take off for the UK and the Motorhome Show in NEC.

Wonder how a sailing will go with Rupert in onboard kennels!

By the way we got gas on Monday in Dublin but think we’re going to have to buy a spare and now the research starts as to which we should get for european trips


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