The Adventure Continues

Day 2 Saturday

Off we set for Manchester. We had previously contacted the local authorities and got information on where was safe to overnight park, details inserted into sat nav and away we went. Our daughter is living in Manchester and the purpose of our visit was to visit her so we needed a car park very close to her apartment which is very central. Sat nav was a bit odd as it led us into the city on a route we hadn’t previously driven before, however, we did notice that there were serious roadworks so thought that maybe our sat nav was super intelligent and was bringing us away from the mayhem these were causing. Ha ha – more was to come on our crazy sat nav!

Now I should say that when we were looking and subsequently bought the MH we told no one and indeed the first our children learned of it was the day our son drove us out to collect it and as we were transferring our stuff from the car to the MH he was taking as many pics as he could and sending them to our daughter. The response from her was hilarious, first she didn’t believe we had actually bought it, then she questioned our sanity as she hadn’t ever thought she’d hippy parents – her words, then she asked what we were doing with the house and proceeded to text us on how we were getting on in the caravan, eh we’re not tuggers! We had told her we’d meet her in the car park at the back of her apartment so when we turned up she was roaming between 6 car parks looking for us. She was stunned when she came into it and was surprpised at how self contained we were. An afternoon was spent shopping and having a mother/daughter catch up, Rupert was walked and that evening we went to where first we had a row with a taxi driver who couldn’t split £50 note and refused to take a card payment, when finally I managed to get change in a shop he had the cheek to take his tip without asking. We waited 2 hours for a table, we’d been told it would be a 30 min delay and service was appalling. Food was wonderful, however, it was just way too late for us all by the time it eventually arrived. The promise of after dinner cocktails went out the window and our daughter headed back to her apartment and us to our MH. After a good nights sleep I cheated the following morning, all due to the wonky heater, and had a luxurious shower in her apartment, accessed wifi and watched the news on TV. It’s always the simple things I miss. With tears in all our eyes we left a sunny Manchester with promises to visit soon again.

One incident today, OH decided to move the MH, I said watch out for Ruperts bowls, he said they’ll be fine, result one bowl left in smithereens!


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