Day 3 so time to head to Buxton

Day 3 Sunday

Our plan today was to drive to Buxton but we made a stopover en route at Rupert is used to his crate but we felt with the constant use it was going to damage something in the MH so the decision was made to buy a soft crate and a new food bowl! Now I had bought a very good quality one before at a show only to discover that there was a fault in one of the zips so it had been returned. IMG_1258On our way to Buxton we found what we were looking for, obviously you get what you pay for and this was substantially cheaper than our original one but it seemed fine and after all Rupert wasn’t a pup anymore so it was unlikely he would eat his way out of it. We had previously booked a night at This was our first time to stay in an official campsite and we were interested in how it would work. The staff were very friendly and we soon got sorted and decided to take off for a walk into Buxton through the peaks. My OH had read somewhere that we were only a mile and a half from the town – eh maybe as the crow flies! The talk of having a walk before dinner quickly went out the window and in Buxton I spotted a café offering student rates for a chip butty and can. Now you know yourself when you’re walking along, it’s now raining and getting dark, you’re feeling just a bit hungry and you see a sign for a chip butty well you just have to have it, like right now, not dream, nothing just get and eat. While OH is inside ordering I’m outside he’s told that they’re dog friendly and in we troop, sit and eat while Rupert gets some fish batter. Ooh glorious and why don’t they do that here. A long walk via road, back to MH, couple of glasses of wine – have I mentioned the wine before, we did have wine, just a few bottles, like you do, and we were all set for a night’s sleep. Out comes the new soft crate and you won’t believe me when I tell you that one of the zips was broken – talk about bad luck! We manoeuvred it so Rupert wouldn’t get out unless he was really desperate, he wasn’t, he was exhausted, again, and another good night’s sleep.

And there was rain, a lot of rain, we heard later that a months rain fell in 24 hours, back to the de bugging – we had no leaks, phew!

Following showers etc the following morning we packed up and off we went on our travels again.

Heater still playing up


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