Day 4, Monday and our journey through the Peak District

Day 4 Monday

To be honest we were both a bit disappointed in Buxton, yes the scenery is fabulous but the town itself left us feeling a bit meh so we decided to visit Castleton which is considered the pick of the Peak District. Despite the incessant rain we could see the attraction. It is really a lovely place to visit with many caves to explore on boats and walking, wouldn’t interest me, and I felt it was the typical picture postcard village.

Sat nav – now is the time to share the sat nav fun. Intelligent – definitely not. It took us the most roundabout way to places imaginable, up and down narrow, one car roads and even a 15 deg hill. Nerve wracking isn’t the word. As our MH is a left hand drive, I was the one in the passenger seat constantly ducking and tensing as yet another lorry came towards us and I expected the mirror to go with it – never happened but I can guarantee I lost pounds and also lost much of the beautiful scenery due to my eyes being closed. We fiddled with the sat nav, doubled checked we were on fast route etc. but still we were taken up and down lanes that our car would struggle on. We managed. I didn’t drive. This was to continue for the remainder of the week so online maps were consulted whenever we could as we obviously didn’t have any hard maps with us, doh, memo to self, make sure we’ve road maps with us wherever we travel to. We are now also looking at buy a higher quality sat nav where we can input the MH proportions etc. thereby avoiding unsuitable roads. On a positive note we never hit a bridge we couldn’t be under but then again we do have a small, dinky MH.

Our plan on the Monday was to head to Birmingham as the Motorhome and Caravan Show 2014 was starting in the NEC the following day. The UK Caravan club had set up a temporary camping site and we had booked into this for one night. It was fine and I enjoyed wandering around checking out other MH’s. I’d never seen so many in one place.

The rain continued!

Heater is still very much hit and miss.


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