Day 5, Tuesday, NEC and Stratford-on-Avon

Day 5 Tuesday

An early start to get Rupert walked and we had to be out of the site by 10am. There were no shower facilities but our heater managed to get enough hot water for a decent wash. The car park was adjacent to the camping area so after a short drive, we settled Rupert and away we went into the show with my shopping list.

If you haven’t been to the NEC it is huge, fortunately I’ve been before at Crufts so knew to wear some sensible shoes and light clothing and bring my bottle of water. We stayed at the show until 3pm and saw enough. We were both glad we hadn’t seen the new MH’s before we bought ours, as OMG the fitting out on some of them has to be seen to be believed. Breakfast bars, marble work tops, you name it, they have it and the price to go with them. Still we are happy with what we have. I had a shopping list and was disappointed as only got about 1/3 of what I wanted. I could’ve bought some camping chairs but with the incessant rain I wasn’t bothered. I feel that much of the little things I’m looking for I will get online at similar prices. I did, however, buy external silver screens. I had been advised that these reduce the amount of condensation inside so thought it was worth a try. Also the internal silver screens we have are missing some loops in places. Now external screens can be a huge price, no, I didn’t splash out, got a mid-priced range and am happy to report that they are grand, not sure how long they’ll last but definitely reduce the problem with the condensation on the windscreen in the mornings. We were also looking for a 4 hub car light usb, best we could find was a double but did buy 2 double usb charging units so we can fully charge everything while we drive. I also bought a long lightening charger, works for phone but not for iPad so looks like I’ll have to buy an official one! One of the things we miss most on our travels is wifi so a lot of time was spent discussing options at 2 mifi stands. We left with nothing and it appears we might be better investigating the roaming arrangement 3 have. I know some people are happy to spend 2 days at these shows, we, in total, only spent about a ½ a day as we were out to Rupert a few times, he was fine, happy to sleep after all his walks. We ended up leaving before we had anticipated and headed to Stratford-upon-Avon. Once again we had been in contact with the local authorities and knew there was overnight parking at the Leisure Centre Car Park but with the wonky heater we had decided to check into a campsite so we headed to This is a lovely campsite with everything you would need apart from breakfast mid-week. It is situated on the river with boats that run every 30 mins into Stratford, as the last one was due to leave shortly we quickly parked up and we, including Rupert, hopped on the boat for our journey into Stratford.

I went to boarding school and as with many other schools there was a trip to go to Stratford, see a Shakespearian plan, visit Shakespears and Anne Hathaway’s house and return, however, I wasn’t allowed go – you’re in school to study not go on trips etc. so I was excited as we were coming into Stratford despite it still raining

What a lovely place to visit, we walked and walked then walked some more. The latest joke was my husband trying to buy the Irish Times. No matter what place we were in they only ever seemed to stock it one day a week and it was never on the day we were there. Same was true of Stratford and it looked like he was going to go into meltdown by not having his daily crossaire fix.

By now we were really enjoying taking Rupert into local pubs and Stratford was no exception. We decided to visit the oldest pub. Now there’s a huge debate about this and it boils down to two pubs, both of which are fantastic and very welcoming to both humans and four legged friends. claim to be the oldest pub but so also does The Garrick Inn, however, we were reliably informed that the Old Thatch Tavern had its licence first. I will leave it to the locals to fight amongst themselves and only say that both are worth a visit.IMG_1262

We returned to the campsite via the river walk, lovely walk although some of it is via the road and it was getting very dark, however, we arrived eventually.

Heater still not working, dealer insisting its bad gas!


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