Day 6 Thursday and we’re homeward bound

Day 7 Thursday

The following morning, before I went to look at books, we went for a long walk – well tourist office said 90 mins – we didn’t walk that fast and did it in just under an hour. I would recommend getting the trail sheets as the walks are well worth doing. Then coffee and I hit the book shops – actually I was very restrained and only went into one – Murder and Mayhem. There were books everywhere, nooks and crannies, rooms, floor to ceiling, you look and there were books. There have been quite a number of murders locally over the years and I was just fascinated. Yes I left with books including 2 by a local author whom I hadn’t heard of before but has a great following in the States. I was sad to leave Hay but would love to return some day for the I would be in my element.

So began our journey back to Holyhead. By now we had given up on both the sat nav and the heater and checked local maps for the best route – he was not doubting himself cause most of the road was so narrow and there were many hairy turns and me with my eyes shut! As we were not sailing until 2am Friday morning we decided to stop in Shrewsbury on the way, it rained, like serious rain so after a short walk we headed back for the motorhome and decided to park alongside the river for a bite to eat. I went off and investigated the theatre where The Kite Runner was being performed that night. I didn’t know this was a stage production also, I loved the film and book, and I was sorry we didn’t have the opportunity of seeing it but I will keep an eye out for it should it ever be staged here in Dublin. We did finally get out for a long walk along the river where we passed 2 boat clubs getting ready to head into the water. Shrewsbury seems like a lovely place to visit, it was just a shame that the weather was so awful.

We arrived in Holyhead early and joined the queue. The return journey was uneventful, however, Rupert never settled in the kennels and, with hindsight, he was by now so used to the MH we regretted not just leaving him in his own bed. Sailing into Dublin as dawn was rising was lovely as too was greeting my own bed for a couple of hours.

It was a great week, far better than I had expected despite the problems with the heater and Rupert settled down so well. Despite the expense of getting his pet passport none of us were asked for any form of ID Bet if I didn’t have it I’d have been asked for it. Murphy’s Law

Since our trip the MH has been returned to the dealer to have some minor glitches repaired under guarantee and to find out exactly what has happened to the heater. Finally a result – a fan was broken which necessitated the part being ordered from the UK so we did not have the use of it for the Bank Holiday weekend which was a shame. I am also waiting for a quote on an alarm system to be installed. Yes we are insured and no I’m not concerned with someone trying to break into it while we’re asleep – Rupert would put them off – I’m more concerned with someone happening to it while we are off rambling around and feel it would be necessary specially on the continent. Can you imagine it being robbed while we’re off somewhere abroad and being left with nothing!

Update on heater

  • Bad gas – nope
  • Fan broken, new one ordered and installed
  • Supposed to collect MH but told heater still not working properly
  • Finally he admits he hasn’t a clue what’s wrong with it, suspects frost damage in 2010.

–          Result for us – we’re getting a new heater

No quote for getting an alarm system installed in MH and on bike racks so if someone could direct me to somewhere reputable I’d appreciate it.

Thanks for taking the time to read



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2 Responses to Day 6 Thursday and we’re homeward bound

  1. paleoirish says:

    The bookshop sounds great, I think it’s one of the joys of travelling to find local writers and book shops with corners, nooks and crannies.
    Miriam (@irish_solar)

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