Day 6 Wednesday

Firstly this is the sight I wake up to this morning IMG_1264That’s just one – they were everywhere.

Day 6 Wednesday

Today we decided to treat ourselves to breakfast after taking Rupert for a run in the in the park, this site has what I’d call a proper dog run unlike the narrow piece of a field we’d seen on an earlier site. So up the the fabulous Riverside Bar and Restaurant on site for breakfast and to access wifi – fail – doesn’t open for breakfast mid week. So motorhome packed up, us showered and washed and away we went again. Our journey today was to take us to Hay-on-Wye as recommended to me by @_Sians who like me is a reader. On the way, as we drove through Tewkesbury we just felt compelled to park and investigate. What a glorious historical town with a fabulous mix of shops on the High Street and a variety of walks on the Severn and Avon. We were so glad afterwards that we had gone with our instincts and stopped. As a result we were late to Hay-on-Wye but it was so worth it.

In Hay we parked at the craft centre/tourist office car park, again following consultation with the local authority. Motorhomes are permitted to overnight here for 1/7 which is think is very reasonable. Once again, boots on and off we took to investigate. As we were so late most places were closed but OMG what a fabulous place for anyone who has an interest in books. Every second shop is a book shop and not just a run of the mill book shop but each one has a speciality. I could easily have spent weeks here. As we were passing we naturally had to stop for a drink. We returned later where we sat in front of an open fire with Rupert lying on a dog bed. This is a pub/hotel, very old and haunted and is a fascinating place. IMG_1263





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